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Me in 60 seconds

Hi. My name is Paul Bennetts.

After university, I founded Dirkwoods Computer Store. Began making profits. Used it to expand inventory and grow to multiple locations. Read a book on Warren Buffett. Loved learning how other businesses work. PC prices kept decreasing. Started investing outside of the business. Sold it after 4 years in operation.

Joined Goldman Sachs in 2006. Spent 5 years there. Kept my head down as the GFC hit.

I then became the Investment Manager for the c.$500m Tulla Family Office. We had an open mandate to invest in anything. Investing in businesses is fun. Bond investing not so much.

I then co-founded and was CEO of BuildCurious. We were going to remake High School education. After meeting Mr. Market, we learnt the challenge of well lots and eventually had to shut it down.

I then met Craig Blair and Daniel Petre as they were planning VC fund number 3. Their previous 2 returned 4x CoC. I joined when it was a powerpoint deck.

I now have the best job in Australia (IMHO) as Investment Director of AirTree Ventures. We've made 10 investments so far. And I sit on the Board of 3.

Contact me anytime

Email me at and say hello. Feel free to ask me anything. Be great to hear what you're working on. I'm glad to help.

I'm also on twitter as @paul_bennetts. And you can join my email list here.