How to set up a PSN account

Having a PSN account is blessing. Once an account is created for a user, the PlayStation will allow the user to do various activities like shopping online or downloading demos, HD movies, music and shows. One you are an account holder, you can play games on TV and also have the facility to listen to audio files.   Registering with PSN account lets the user create a master account and also a sub account. This is helpful when you have children in the house. They will allow to the children to use PSN by the restriction placed by you. In short signing up a PSN account is very easy, all you need is a little attention

Creating an account

  • First press PSN button and then select on the option known as new user
  • Once this option is selected, you will be asked for to create a new user account. Accept all the user terms and agreement and then proceed to next.
  • Instead of selecting an option which says login PSN. Use an option known as create PSN
  • Now follow the on screen instructions and have a sign up. In is advisable  to move through the screen buttons by selecting next buttons
  • Now you will be given the option to choose avatar.  You will have the full acers the change and the avatar appearance at any given point of time
  • Enter the new formed PSN name , that you would like to be identified in front of the other gamers
  • In the next option you will automatically get an option fill your picture and information through your Facebook account.
  • Now accept the user terms and agreement to complete the process

Final thoughts

From the above information it is clear that, that setting an placation network account is a must have if your gamer lover. Once done you will have access to online merchandise which you can purchase in the by visiting the PlayStation network and it will definitely please you.