How to get PlayStation plus for free

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation has some loyal fans. This is because every season they come with impeccable gaming and also offers huge discounts and offers on online merchandise. The approach it works is easy, you pay for either a 90-day subscription for $17.99 (£11.99 in the UK), or a full year subscription for $49.99 (£39.99 in the UK). Once your subscription expires your downloaded delights are all removed from you. As soon as you subscribe back the rights are restored again. Payments have a very easy gateway In PSN where all international debit card and credit card is accepted. So there will no hassle of payment and purchase. In addition some of the loved games area available for free in PSN.

1st Method: Free trial

Step 1: Create a new account

Select new User in the PS4 Log-in screen. A local user gets created on the PS4 itself, not an account. Enter your details and preferences and don’t enter false security info, doing so will breach the PSN terms of service and prevent you from recovering the account in the future. Create a web ID and enter your initial and surname. Your online ID is you’re in public visible name that different users on PSN can see. The account is now created. PSN terms and services are not to be ignored as they carefully state what instructions, users should follow in have an enriched experience in gaming.  Once you have clicked on yes on terms and services, you will get a verification link in your mail which will be used for verification of your account

Step 2: Go to settings

From Settings now you should go to PlayStation account management and choose a payment method. It’s recommended setting the method as Paypal as if you even don’t have any balance it will not create a hiccup for you. If you don’t have an account in PayPal, create it.

Step 3: Head to ps store

Go to the free section, choose the 14-day trial. It will cost you nothing. It’s absolutely free, Sony won’t charge you a penny and you can actually play online games with your friends.

2nd Method: Buy premium flagship mobile of Sony

Calling all gamers, who are part of the PlayStation tribe, you might want to listen up.When you’re able to take your gaming hobby to a full new level, we’ve got just the thing. Here’s the down-low on a good new deal meaning you’ll get the ultimate gaming experience for free of charge.

So, how does it work? Well, it’s quite simple. If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, you may want to choose to get the Sony Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Compact or XZ Premium. Once your new sony phone gets in your hand, you can open the Xperia Lounge app and claim your 12-month free membership as part of the deal. Inside the app, you may see a PlayStation plus tile, that you’ll click to redeem the offer. Nothing could be easier! Let the gaming commence.