How to get PlayStation plus for free

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation has some loyal fans. This is because every season they come with impeccable gaming and also offers huge discounts and offers on online merchandise. The approach it works is easy, you pay for either a 90-day subscription for $17.99 (£11.99 in the UK), or a full year subscription for $49.99 (£39.99 in the UK). Once your subscription expires your downloaded delights are all removed from you. As soon as you subscribe back the rights are restored again. Payments have a very easy gateway In PSN where all international debit card and credit card is accepted. So there will no hassle of payment and purchase. In addition some of the loved games area available for free in PSN.

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How to set up a PSN account

Having a PSN account is blessing. Once an account is created for a user, the PlayStation will allow the user to do various activities like shopping online or downloading demos, HD movies, music and shows. One you are an account holder, you can play games on TV and also have the facility to listen to audio files.   Registering with PSN account lets the user create a master account and also a sub account. This is helpful when you have children in the house. They will allow to the children to use PSN by the restriction placed by you. In short signing up a PSN account is very easy, all you need is a little attention

Creating an account

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