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Get efficient at reading the news. Your morning news routine can take over 30 mins and be sluggish and tedious. It probably involves having to load up many websites one at a time. Each web page optimised for getting your next click and serving you up ad inventory. There could 3x more links than new articles on each web page. The news bot makes it way more efficient.

Don’t miss anything. The Daily NewsBot scurries off each morning at 6am and collects only the most relevant articles you need to be across. For some websites that will be all new articles. For others, that will be only the most shared and talked about articles.

Stay in the flow of Twitter. You will now be able to skim only the most interacted-with tweets from your local startup ecosystem each day without having to follow hundreds of accounts on twitter.

Global summary. The #startupaus daily news bot pulls down all the top shared global articles and the top shared TechCrunch articles so you quickly know what happened overnight.

Market information without the noise. You want to get a quick sense of the markets. Not the daily noise but a longitudinal survey of the market year to date. The news bot will give you a better picture of market sentiment and direction.

Sunday edition. On Sundays, it’s time to pause and reflect. The Daily NewsBot has you covered with a special highlights edition from the week that was with additional sections covering notable startup fund raisings and VC blogs.

Notable startup fund raisings. Once a week on Sunday, the bot pulls together the most notable startup fund raisings from the week tracking only the best venture capital funds.

Notable VC blogs. Once a week on Sunday, the bot pulls together the top 10 most shared blog articles from the week. It tracks hundreds of blogs so you don’t have to.

This will all save you at least 10 minutes a day which grosses up to 60 hours saved per year. That’s huge!

But please consume news responsibly. Always read more books than news.

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What are you waiting for?

Join 1K+ other people and sign up for the #startupaus news bot – the free newsletter that helps you stay across the Australian startup ecosystem.