My little #startupaus news bot and why it will save you 60 hours this year

I want to be across all the tech and startup news coming out of my residing startup hub – Australia. But I want to do it efficiently.

Before I built my #startupaus news bot, I found my morning news routine sluggish and tedious. It involved having to load up many websites one at a time. Each webpage optimised for getting my next click and serving me up ad inventory. There could 3x more links than new articles.

I also think it’s important to skim the daily #startupaus tweets particularly those with the most retweets, likes or comments. But I find twitter’s search bar difficult to use.

To finish off my morning news routine, I like to cover off on global technology and market news. In my view, Techmeme is best at curating this. But again its another website I have to load up and parse through.

I like to get a quick sense of the markets. Not the usual narratives created to solve for small daily movements. I’m not interested in views on why the market might have zigged instead of zagged that day. I prefer a longitudinal survey of the market year to date. This gives me a better picture of market sentiment and direction. But to do that takes more clicks.

Together, my morning news routine can go on for over 30 mins. I wanted to make this more efficient.

So I created a little bot to scurry off each morning at 6am, collect all the above information and send it to me in a distraction free email.

Now, my little news bot gets me across everything in about 5 mins on my morning commute. I may spend another 5 mins clicking through any articles that interests me. I particularly like the text of an email versus webpages with surrounding images or click bait to distract me. In email, there’s no browser tabs tempting me to click elsewhere.

This all saves me at least 10 minutes a day which grosses up to 60 hours saved per year. That’s huge!

If you think this is useful as well, it’s free to sign up to the daily email here. Don’t worry no humans are harmed in its creation. You can see a link to a recent edition here.

Note, some people try to use RSS feeds for their daily content consumption. But I find RSS best suited for the hundreds of blogs I follow.

At the time of this writing, my #startupaus news bot has a great open rate of >60% but only a few hundred subscribers. I believe in improving or inventing until you get a huge response. Startups can’t afford marketing; ergo, stop shouting and instead improve or invent. In that vein, please comment your views on this below and particularly any ideas for how I could help your morning news routine.

PS. Open source version
Let me know if you’d like a follow up article on how the bot works with the code open sourced.

PPS. Sign up link
You can sign up for my little #startupaus news bot here.

PPPS. What real people have been saying?

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