One data point on goCatch vs Uber

The following chart shows the app store download rank history within the Australia iOS app store.

During 2013, goCatch and Uber were roughly gaining in equal popularity. But in Mar-14, Uber broke away and entered the top 10 ranking for the travel category and marched very quickly to the number 1 ranking, where it has remained.

Figure 1: Australian iOS app store rankings within the AU-Travel category

Uber is now feeding more passengers to its drivers, which will continue to attract more drivers (increasing density), reducing pick-up times (liquidity) – currently at approx. 6 mins for UberX – which feeds demand for app downloads.

What is most interesting to me is the launch dates of Uber’s local product offering. UberBlack launched in Oct-12, UberTaxi launched in Jun-13 and UberX launched in March-14 (the point at which Uber broke away from goCatch..).

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